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"Goat milk gives the soap an incredibly rich and creamy lather that people come back for again and again."

About Sandy

My name is Sandy Rourke and I make goat-milk soap here on Vancouver Island.

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Where to find me at the local markets on Vancouver Island.

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I can ship anywhere - the shipping cost in Canada for 1 to 12 bars is $10 or $15. The cost is slightly more to the US - $12 to $15. Shipping costs have been preset for Canadian rates. If you are ordering from the US or somewhere else, you can pay the Canadian shipping rate, which is charged automatically when you order, and I will send an invoice for the balance, which you will be able to pay with a credit card or Paypal. Or you can email me and I'll tell you exactly how much the total is going to be.
The magic of a brisk autumn day in a bar of soap! The falling leaves, the clean mountain air, and a hot apple cider by the fire!


Go back to childhood days and experience the fun of black licorice sticks! This is a nostalgic aroma that will brighten your day!


This is a fantastic fragrance! A blend of ripe, sweet blackberries with a touch of the earthy green scent of sage. Very refreshing!


This is a wonderful sweet scent with the addded playfulness of blue! Guaranteed to bring a smile to your daily shower!


Whether you're up with the sun or prefer to rise a little later use this soap and your will start with zip!


This is a light, soft fragrance that will remind you of sheets drying in a gentle summer breeze!


Just like a tall cold glass of ginger ale! You can almost feel the bubbles! Enjoy one today!


Juicy, tangy, fruity, delectable -- all of the above! An exciting mix of citrus scents. Perfect for waking up in the morning shower!


This is one for the gentlemen, A fresh, clean manly scent that was originally created for Cary Grant. Available online soon


If you have ever been to Hawaii the scent of this wonderful soap will take you back there every time you use it! If you have never been, imagine that you are there and enjoy the fragrance of fresh-picked plumeria blossoms!


The classic scent of lavender flowers will take you back to a simpler time! Lavender is known for its relaxing properties and is a favourite with ladies everywhere!


The dreaminess of lavender flowers and the zip of a little citrus! This bar just feels good!


This is a lovely green fragrance that is a blending of fresh grass and summer flowers. Just like a country meadow after a shower!


This soap contains the wholesome goodness of pure whole goat milk, real honey, and whole oatmeal. The oatmeal gives the bar a slight scrubby feeling. This will quickly become a family favourite!


If you like peppermint you are going to love this bar! It will not only wake you up, it will give you a reason to get out of bed!


This pure goat milk soap has absolutely no additives, scents or colour, making it a very mild soap for the most sensitive skin.


This soap is for the real manly man! The fragrance is bay rum, an old-fashioned scent that was popular with grandad, but men (and women!) still love it today.


Nothing says spring like a bouquet of fresh picked lilacs and this soap wonderfully duplicates that fresh fragrance. Available online soon


This soap is a gentle blending of green to signify the forests, blue for the ocean which surrounds our beautiful Island, and white for the gentle breezes. The rich forest scent will make you think of a walk through the woods!


What a delicious aroma! This soap has the delectable scent of fresh-picked sweet, ripe, cherries!



Where to find me

FALL 2019/WINTER 2020

  • DUNCAN FARMERS MARKET - Saturdays Duncan Square and Ingram St. 10-2 every Saturday all fall and winter except November 16, November 23, and December 7.  
  • CHRISTMAS CHAOS - November 14, 15, 16 and 17. Duncan Community Centre James Street.
  • CHRISTMAS IN THE MANGER - November 23 and 24. Saanich Fairgrounds Stellys Cross Road.
  • A TOUCH OF SALT SPRING - December 6, 7 and 8. Saanich Fairgrounds Stellys Cross Road.

Customer Reviews

"I'm allergic to everything! But I tried your soap and I can't believe how smooth my skin feels! I also love the fragrances!!"

"Yours is the only soap I use! Please don't ever stop making it!"

“There is something extra special in your bars that just seems so much softer on my face!”

Thank-you so much for the soap, it arrived so quickly! I absolutely love it and can't wait to try these new scents!

I bought some of your soaps at the Sidney market and fell in love with it!!

I have been using your soaps exclusively for over 5 years now. I am a life-long sufferer of eczema and until I found your soap I had to use boring odorless soaps. Finally I can use these soaps with their delightful scents. They are very gentle on my skin and give me no trouble at all. And my bathroom smells beautiful! Even though I live in Ontario I will continue to order them on a regular basis. Thanks Sandy!

We bought your soap when we were visiting the Island and it has been heaven sent. It has really helped my son with his adolescent body odor! Who knew? And I love the lavender.

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My name is Sandy Rourke and I have been making goat-milk soap here in Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island since 2001. Soon after I started experimenting with various recipes I discovered the wonders of goat milk and have never looked back!